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GS Football
Offering Excellent Youth Football for the Central Pennsylvania communities of
Camp Hill, East Pennsboro, Lemoyne, Mechanicsburg and Wormleysburg  


For youth ages 6 thru 13, inexperienced thru advanced
Players from ANY and ALL programs are welcome!
Never played football before?! You are welcome, too!

Monday June 15 through Wednesday June 17, 2015
Our Lady Of Lourdes Field
225 Salt Road, Enola, PA

(Camp walk-ups are welcome, however we cannot guarantee them a camp t-shirt)

2015 Camp Registration Form - Coming Soon

Camp Pictures!

Cost: $30 each,
$20 for each additional sibling

5:30 pm to 8 pm Monday
6 pm to 8 pm Tues.
6 pm to 8:30 pm Wed. (Awards Presentation)

Camp Location:
Our Lady of Lourdes Field
225 Salt Road, Enola, PA

To register, contact:

Chuck Bissell Sr. 503-9741 cell

Coach Dickson teaches passing technique to 2012 Peewees

Football Fundamentals!
Our four-day football camp focuses on football fundamentals for young athletes ages 6 to 13. On the first day, campers will be divided into groups based on the four age breakouts as used by the CFA Youth Football League (age 6-7 Smurfs, age 8-9 Peewees, age 10-11 Ponys, age 12-13 Midgets). Campers will then progress through a series of "stations" where instruction is given. Some of the stations will utilize what they are learning, and we will record their punts, passes and kicks. Depending on the heat, we will give frequent water breaks! Our goals is for the camp atmosphere to be positive and fun for all attendees.  

All campers will receive age-appropriate training and instruction on the following football topics, and more:

  • Proper 2-, 3-, and 4-point stances

  • Firing Out

  • Blocking techniques

  • Hand-offs and how to properly carry the football

  • Punting

  • Passing

  • Kicking

  • Sportsmanship

  • Leadership

  • Listening


All Campers will receive a GS Camp t-shirt!!
Camp will conclude with award presentations, including group winners for Pass, Kick, and Punt competitions.

Plus! Four Camp MVP's will be selected at each of the four age groups.

Camp "Special Guests" will include local High School and College coaches and players.

Camp attire:  t-shirt, shorts and cleats. BRING YOUR OWN WATER JUG. 
No mouth guards or physicals are required.

Some of our camp coaches...

Mike was chosen as the 2008 CFA Midget Coach of the Year, after taking his 2008 team to the Superbowl. "Coach Rit", a one-time Bishop McDevitt Crusader, has played football at the college and pro levels!  He has also coached for McDevitt High School and is entering his 20th year coaching youth football for the Rams.

Interesting fact: Mike played pro-football in Itally for the NFL Europe League, along with his assistant coach, Mike Morrow.

Mike Ritter

Chuck, the GS Football Coordinator, has been around GS football longer than anyone can remember.  He has coached at the Midget and Pony levels. His offensive strategy is to run the ball as much as possible. That's why they call him "Ground Chuck".

Interesting fact: Chuck played football in Philly and was recently inducted into the CFA Hall of Fame!

Chuck Bissell Sr.

Coach Humer is the Good Shepherd Pony Head coach and he brings over 24 years of experience in coaching youth football, both at West Perry and Good Shepherd programs.  He and his Pony staff have captured three Pony Super Bowls!

Interesting fact: Brad coached NFL player Musa Smith at West Perry.

Brad Humer

Coach Smith is a fixture around Good Shepherd and Trinity athletics. Doug is an annual nominee for Peewee Coach of the Year, winning in 2006 and 2007. He also was recognized as Sportsmanship Team of the year in 2012.  He has coached 8-9 young football players age 8 and 9 for over 14 years.

Interesting fact: Doug was also a varsity girls softball coach at Trinity High.

Doug Smith

Jim played high school and college football in Texas before relocating in PA. He was a guard for McMurry University in Abilene, TX.  He was chosen in 2007 as CFA Smurf Coach of the Year, and has taught young football players age 5 thru 7 for 10 years. He also was GS Football Coordinator from 2006 to 2012.

Interesting fact: Jim loves genealogy and the Dallas Cowboys.

Jim Durham

GS Youth Football Camp Pics

Smurfs prepare for their timed 20-yard sprint
(picture courtesy of M. Nestor)

Camp MVPs!

Smurf Age

Overall MVP - J. Peck
Lineman Award - R. Shoen
Camper of the Week - "Pit Bull" Nevius

MVP - N. Andrasi
2nd - J. Peck
3rd - T. Corbin
4th - M. Nevius

MVP - T. Corbin

2nd - E. Nestor
3rd - J. Peck
4th - R. Barone

MVP - O. McKenzie

2nd - N. Andrasi
3rd - J. Peck
4th - R. Shoen

Top 20 Times
1st - M. Nevius
2nd - N. Andrasi
3rd - J. Peck
4th - T. Corbin

Peewee Age

Overall MVP - T. McAuliffe
Lineman Award - G. Cutler
Camper of the Week - P. Chelap

MVP - B. Cohen

2nd - T. McAuliffe
3rd - L. Posavec
4th - E. Marshall
5th - N. Zampogna

MVP - L. Posavec

2nd - T. McAuliffe
3rd - E. Marshall
4th - J. Bodle
5th - P. Chelpa
6th - D. Lesse

MVP - S. Majka

2nd - T. McAuliffe
3rd - L. Posavec
4th - G. Cutler
6th - AJ Genevro

Top 20 Times
1st - P. Chelap
2nd  - J. Bodle
3rd - G. Cutler/L.Posavec (tie)

Pony Age

Overall MVP - B. Bodle
Lineman Award - C. Knittle
Camper of the Week - B. Miller

MVP - J. Forte

2nd - B. Bodle
3rd - B. Miller
4th - C. Knittle

MVP - T. Sprow

2nd - B. Bodle
3rd - B. Miller
4th - R. Stepp

MVP - J. McKenzie

2nd - J. Forte
3rd - B. Bodle
4th - M. Roadcap

Top 40 Times
1st - J. McKenzie
2nd - J. Forte
3rd - M. Roadcap/T. Sprow (tie)

Midget Age

Overall MVP - D. Drendell
Lineman Award - J. Hall
Camper of the Week - F. Klingensmith

MVP - D. Drendell

2nd - Fodness
3rd - Gouse

MVP - E. Myers

2nd - Gouse

MVP - A. Fodness

2nd - D. Drendall

3rd - A. Rowley

Top 40 Times
1st - E. Myers
2nd - Drendell
3rd - Gouse


GS Camp Attendees
(picture courtesy of M. Nestor)

Camp MVP Pictures

2012 Camp Midget MVP's
(picture courtesy of M. Nestor)

2012 Camp Pony MVP's and Coach Bodle
(picture courtesy of M. Nestor)

2012 Camp Peewee MVP's and Coach Bodle
(picture courtesy of M. Nestor)

2012 Camp Smurf MVP's and Coach Durham
(picture courtesy of M. Nestor)